LIC Housing Finance Profits fell in Quarter 4

LIC (Life Insurance Company) Housing Finance reported that there has been a fall in net profit by 7.5% YoY, which stands at Rs.1091 crore for the March quarter, whereas last year, the March quarter stood at Rs.1180 crore.

It is gross profit that swung up more from last year and this time around it is at Rs.1476 crore from Rs.1445 crore that it was in the last financial year.

The net interest income also showed significant growth as it rose a high of 12% and stood at Rs.2238 crore as compared to last year, which stood at Rs.90.30 crore during the same period. The margin of net interest also rose to 3.15% against the last year period, which stood at 2.93%.

LIC Housing Finance market capital currently stands at Rs.34708.98 crore with a 52-week high of Rs.683 and a 52-week low of Rs.362.75 each.


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